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WINNER - BEST THRILLER FEATURE     Silicon Beach Film Festival - 2023 (2).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Silicon Beach Film Festival - 2023 (1).png

THE POST is a drama/thriller feature.

Everything is bigger in Texas, including revenge.

"The Post" is an edgy, revenge thriller steeped in the yet undetermined boundaries of social media crime and punishment.


Written and directed by Justin Hunt and produced by Angus Benfield who also plays lead character "Jett Sanders," a father whose teenage son's murder has been covered up and subsequently gets caught up in a web of revenge, lies and murder.


Hunt shares, "First off, I was compelled to tell this story because it is my personal opinion, that we, as a society in the United States, are on a fast train headed in the wrong direction. We’ve become so desensitized and egocentric due to social media and the ‘special snowflake’ syndrome, that much has been lost in the effort to act for the greater good, much less live our lives by a code of doing what’s right and moral and ethical.


I wanted to create a scenario where elements like greed, irreverence and selfishness were called out for being the ugly aspects of life that they are. Yet, within that, within small pockets and households in our country, there are still families filled with love, respect, integrity, care and concern. Small groups of people who not only live for one another but are willing to die for what’s right.


Secondly, I wanted to create in audience members an opportunity to reflect on themselves and to pose to them an undeniable question that they are forced to wrestle with, ‘What would I do in that situation?'"


"The Post" is a thriller full of suspense and twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

RATED R For Language, Some Violence And Sexual Material.

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