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THE WEIGHT OF DARKNESS is a thriller feature.

When a psychologist's daughter goes missing, he must join forces with his estranged brother and together venture into unspeakable evil in order to discover the truth.


Mark Besson is a husband, father and psychiatrist trying to encourage reform in the public health system.  He is offered a helping hand from John Gatlin, a favorite mayoral candidate, with an interest in supporting Mark’s vision.  But Mark’s world is soon rocked by tragedy when his young daughter Emma goes missing at a social event for victims of PTSD.  


Meanwhile Mark’s estranged brother Jim, a church pastor, agrees to help an undocumented mother find her missing daughter, leading him to unravel a shadowy conspiracy that may lead to Emma’s whereabouts. 


Mark and Jim are soon forced to face the demons of their past, reconcile their differences and unite to find both missing children.  But Mark and Jim’s relentless pursuit of hope leads them to uncover a sinister underworld of unspeakable evil.

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